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  About The Fleet Management

If you are running your own transport business you might face problems like high demands, high fuel costs and lack of visibility about the current location of the fleets. Optimum vehicle utilization is a secret of business growth and essential for providing the best customer service.

GPS Wheels Vehicle Tracker provides fleet owners with affordable, real-time fleet and asset GPS tracking solutions.It is very easy to get started with the pre-configured devices.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems make use of GPS satellite positioning technology to record a vehicle’s movements in real-time. The Vehicle tracking system uses the GPS satellite system through a multi-channel GPS receiver to track a vehicle’s movements, and transmits that information in a compressed format over the GSM and GPRS network.Vehicle tracking information is then made available to the user over the Internet from our web server.

GPS Wheels generates business intelligence that gives companies the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiencies in their daily operations. Our web-based solution provides businesses with GPS tracking tools to help improve worker performance, dispatch vehicles more effectively and reduce operating costs. Whether you're managing a small or mid-sized fleet, GPS Wheels Vehicle tracking provides the rich data needed to effortlessly, and in real-time, track fleet, commercial vehicles, trailers, equipment, and other assets.


Need of Fleet-Management

Lack of control and adequate information over fleets bears tremendous financial burden due to the following reasons:


Biggest threat for a fleet owner is a Vehicle theft. Over 3 lakh vehicles get stolen every year in India. It takes significant amount of time to recover lost vehicles and Sometimes vehicles recovered in damaged condition. Equipments or tools on board may be stolen too.


Trucks remains in idle form directly impact the working of business by affecting Kilometers per litre (KPL) ratio and ultimately add up the cost of doing business.According to research, the fuel usage can be reduced up to 15% if idling is controlled. Redundant idling can also damage engine components including cylinders, spark plugs and exhaust systems apart from fuel wastage.


Lack of knowledge about the real location of a vehicle, dispatchers may not be able to send the closest vehicle to a job site or even give direct routing information. This can lead to considerable cost leakage. Calling up drivers to gain location and job status increases the amount of wasted time and cost.


Driving vehicles in speed above the apt limits tends to increase consumption of fuel for every Kilometer travelled which has an adverse impact on the fuel efficiency. Moreover, driving at excessive speed may increase the risk of accidents on account of which the vehicle safety is endangered.

  Benefits of Management

Benefit of Fleet-Management

Fleet managers using GPS based fleet management solution for tracking their vehicles can watch and proceed their working systematically. Our GPS tracking service provides the benefit of cost savings achieved through ideal utilization of available resources.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Fleet managers can keep a track of idle time and over speeding of the vehicle. This tracking report enables the fleet managers to do comparison of idle time and the amount of fuel consumed between equivalently operated vehicles. Installing vehicle trackers makes drivers more active and answerable to practice safer driving habits.Once the employees are aware that their driving, speed and gas mileage are being tracked and monitored, greater care of the company vehicle usage will be taken. This will also reduce the fuel theft activity by drivers. This enhanced behaviour will save fuel and reduce unsafe driving.

Dispatching and Routing Efficiency

GPS fleet tracking gives a concrete benefit through optimum dispatching. Dispatchers can expedite the dispatching of vehicles that is closest to any job site once they know the accurate location of its company vehicles. This helps in saving fuel, reducing phone calls to drivers on the field and more importantly increment in customer satisfaction on account of enhanced response times. This also positively helps in improving routing efficiencies. Continuous tracking of vehicles enables to take the shortest route to any job site. Furthermore, this also helps in taking the correct route if the driver forgets the route. Also, more jobs get completed each day due to increased productivity of moving assets.

Unauthorized Usage of Vehicles and Recovery in case of Theft

GPS Wheels vehicle tracker provides accurate and updated data on when driver turns ON/OFF a vehicle, and arrival/ departure of a vehicle from a job site. Also, reports generated by the tracking software help assist the fleet managers in verification of daily route, stoppages as well as inspect odd hours of usage, such as weekends. Business owners will know unauthorized usage of their vehicle using this tracking solution. It also protect your fleets from theft with real-time vehicle location detection and tracking, including geographic zone settings that alert when your fleet is outside designated zones. Our robust solution tracks a vehicle’s every move and provides round-the-clock stolen vehicle retrieval service, securing your assets and business, 24 hours a day.

Other Effective Uses of GPS based Fleet Management System

GPS vehicle tracking provides huge amount of additional data that can achieve further benefits. A GPS tracking solution assists in revising company driver policy. Policy should include guidelines for speed, idling and how to prevent any unauthorized usage which directly eliminates wasteful driving habits. A dependable GPS tracking solution provides user friendly reports to help fleet managers take business decisions based on data. With accurate information in hand, owners can identify whether drivers are following driving guidelines and if not then they might need additional counselling.
Fleet owners also find the data gathered using GPS tracking unit as a technique to implement an explicit bonus program. According to the information received from the GPS system, drivers who follow appropriate driving procedures are entitled to bonuses. Companies can provide bonuses while still increasing the revenue since driving behavior directly affects fleet costs.

Improve Job Management

GPS Wheels vehicle tracker solution enables you to easily track the driver work hours, arrival-departure time, and vehicle mileage. These in-depth historical accounts are very useful to provide a detailed look at driver and vehicle activity as it happened in real time, eliminating possible disputes and inconsistencies.

Watch your Fleet's From Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re at the office or out in the field,GPS Wheels tracker connects you with your fleets. You can constant access to your fleet's location so you never miss a single important information. You can set a Mobile alerts which would be sent via SMS or email to track key metrics across the board, including excessive idling and unauthorized vehicle use.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Don’t let speeding or other dangerous driving violations affect your business reputation and customer service.tracker records driving behavior based on safety parameters, enabling you to track bad driving habits and reduce liability factors that can increase insurance costs. This helps improve driver awareness and insurance scores within your fleet.