About the School Bus tracking

In a scenario where safety and security are the biggest concerns, installation of safety technology in schools is a prerequisite. School buses are also under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable service to school children and their parents, but also to run efficiently and provide a profitable return to the fleet companies contracted to run the bus service for the school district. With the right tracking system, a school bus dispatcher can have up-to-date information about bus location, driver actions and vehicle performance, assisting with a wide range of needs. Here are some reasons why school bus GPS tracking is a necessity for today's school transportation companies.

GPS Wheels provides ‘Pick and Drop’ mobile app to ensure safety of your kids. Using this app, parents can receive information regarding pick & drop of their child. This solution not only tracks the bus but also children aboard. Its powerful alert mechanism provides you with the opportunity to take prompt action in case of any hitch. It also saves the parents and school from hassles of making/receiving various calls regarding enquiry of bus timings. So, install the app on your mobile and you would be just be a few clicks away from your child.

  Our Capabilities

  Reminders for pick up/drop off

  Real time monitoring of the bus on the map

  Alerts for Route Deviation/Unforeseen situation

  Tracking students on the bus using built-in camera

  Ability to send any notifications by school admin to parents


  A) For School Authorities

      Real Time school bus tracking on mobile phones

      MIS reports which helps to monitor and enhance the transport operations

      Helps to plan and optimize the routes and thereby control the associated costs

      Geo-fence preferred/restricted areas - to make sure the vehicle is off / in the selected Geographical limits

      Customized reports for the management related to bus timings, driving patterns or route taken by the driver to avoid illegitimate usage of transport system.

      Real time notifications in case of speed limit violations, vehicle breakdown or other emergency situation.

  B) For Parents

      Peace of mind to parents by providing updated travel status of their child.

      Allows them to drop their kid to the next bus stop in case they miss the bus

      SMS alerts to parents to notify them of the school bus/van reaching the school.

      SMS alerts to parents to notify the arrival of School Bus / van at the pickup/drop point

      Ping to locate using mobile phone to get the updated travel status of a bus / student


  Industries that we serve

  Private Schools

  Learning Centers

  Tutorial Academies

  Educational Institutes

  Government Educational Bodies