Employee Management System

  About The Employee Management

In today’s world, safety and security, proper personnel monitoring is vital to ensure a successful operation. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to a profitable business. Site safety and security is dependent on how well a company monitors its employees.

Managing employees working outside the office premises has always been a challenge to monitor their performance. GPS Wheels provide solution for tracking and checking on the status of employees.

GPS Wheels provides Employee Tracking solution that allows organizations to manage and monitor huge work force. All you have to do is just install an app on your employee’s Android Smartphone and see their location information in real-time from a website or from your smart phone. This is not all, there is much more to it. To know more, go on reading the capabilities of our solution.

  Our Capabilities

   Well disposed Interface

  Length of meetings are registered

  Account of client visit reports is maintained

  Track total time spent on each job & aggregate billable hours.

  Visualize Real-time team location, status and job-site alerts on a map.

  Create geo-fences like for client location, on-site work location, and so on

  Number of client visits in a certain period like visits per day, per month is recorded


  Significant Advantages

  Financial benefits

  Broadening of business

  Increased customer satisfaction

  Prevention of unacceptable behavior of an employee

  Complete visibility into sales force field performance

  Provide real-time directions to employees using company vehicles

  Comprehensive reports help employer to get an insight into things like

      Which employee is in the vicinity of customer location

      Is my team on schedule to meet the deadlines

      Number of customers entertained by a certain executive

  Keep track of how many employees you need to meet customer demand

  Get updates about employees stay on task instead of taking unauthorized breaks

  Escalation in productivity as immediate feedback can be relayed to the employee

  Locate missing items within your store or warehouse so that you do not have to spend money replacing them

  Helps in finding peak times of inactivity that will let you know the business needs fewer employees on the clock during those times

  Industries that we serve

  Forestry Industry

  Telecom Industry

  Cable Companies

  Local Government

  Field Service industry

  Pharmaceutical Companies

  Companies conducting Surveys



  Digital Order Booking

Paperless location linked online order management


Tracking application custom-built around your business

  Conveyance Calculator

Settle Conveyance bills with ease by tracking distance travelled

  Client Visit Counter

Automatically captures entry time along with duration of meeting

  Capture Tasks Done

Upload geo-tagged images as proof of merchandising and servicing

  Live Monitoring

Monitor real-time movement on map for location based task assignment